Lower control arm ball joint boots

Dave C. conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Wed Jan 7 22:02:46 EST 2004

Dr G wrote... 
"They also make poly ball joint covers, which I used on my 2002tii. 
http://www.energysuspension.com/tie_r.html "

Re: the boots shown at this link for use on the Type 44 lower front control

I have an old control arm which I measured to try and determine which part
number would fit best.  Dimensions on my control arm, referenced to the
diagram at the link above are:
A = 18 mm
B = 37 mm   

This would seem to dictate part number 9.13101 or 9.13102

These boots are not sold at the website linked above, but are available
thru their distributors.  I located one distributor (JEGS) which has a
local store as well as offering mail-order.  They are at www.jegs.com
The boots are at...
Cost is $3.99 for two.

Last time I bought one of these boots from Clair Audi I think the cost was
about $20 with shipping, even with the Q-list discount.

Has anyone out there tried these aftermarket boots?
Dave C. 

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