Unable to deactivate the alarm w/ drivers doorlock

Annie trifox1 at covad.net
Wed Jan 7 15:20:39 EST 2004

To all,
I have a new problem. When I get into the car from the drivers side, read 'all the time', I set off the alarm. I have to get out go over to the passenger side and deactivate the alarm by unlocking that cylinder. I assume it is something in the lock cylinder. As a side note. I never knew the alarm even worked. Until this happened a few days ago, I never got a chirp on locking the car. I always assumed the alarm was disconnected or didn't work. Now I get a chirp everytime it is locked. If it is not an easy fix I would prefer to disconnect the alarm if possible. Can I pull a fuse without affecting any other item on the car? Thanx,

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