Stupid Delta Bose Radio.

George Tur getur at
Sat Jan 3 11:15:18 EST 2004

On Saturday 03 January 2004 01:39, Tom Werner wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> My '91 200q Bose Radio seems to have a mind of its own.  It will scan
> stations for seemingly no reason at all.  Mind you, this isn't always a bad
> thing -- like when Dr. Laura somehow finds her way on to my radio dial.
> But, overall, it's pretty annoying.

The bose radio in my V8 did this also. In my case it turned out to be the 
little rubber stops, with even tinier springs in them, behind the radio push 
buttons that were the culprit. The springs in the rubber stops had collapsed 
and were allowing the contacts behind the push buttons to touch at the 
slightest bounce, sway, or jolt in the car suspension. There was a write up 
on the replacement of these rubber stops on the V8 list last year which I 
followed. I can't find the procedure in my car file section, but I'm pretty 
sure that David Head put it up originally. Do a search through the V8 
archives for his name or a subject with radio in it. 

You'll probably have  to order a very small allen head wrench, one that is 
smaller than 1.5mm, I got mine from Wiha Tools, in order to take the radio 
face plate off. You can get the rubber stops from Midwest Electronics, they 
are a Blaupunkt radio dealer/repair place, and I believe they cost $2 a 
piece. My repair effort cost about $30 in parts and tools and took about 1 
hour of time to do.

> Is there a fix for this?  Or, does someone have a unit they've replaced?
> I'm pretty big on books-on-tape, so I prefer having a cassette player.
> Keith at Audi Connection suggested that the Gamma Radio in most '92 and up
> Audis (100's, S4's V8's and perhaps 80's and 90's) would be a direct
> replacement.  I'm willing to go this route if one is available.
> Also, the front right speaker doesn't seem to be working, and I would like
> to troubleshoot.  Do I need to remove the entire door panel, or can I
> access the speaker by removing just the screen?

I'm pretty sure you have to take the door panel off in the 200 to get at the 
speaker, I did in order to get at the speakers in my V8. Take a look at the site for instructions on how to take the door panel off.

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