wheel fell off

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Sorry to hear that, but I have a hard time believing the front swaybar came
off --unless the nut attaching it at the outer end came loose for some
reason --shouldn't as it's a lock nut torqued pretty strong (81 ft lbs).
Outer sway bar bushings done recently?  If that's the case, check the other
side as well.
Only other things I can think of would be complete inner control arm bushing
failure, the lock nut backing out (if done recently and not replaced with
new) or outer ball joint failure.  Obviously not the tie rod, since (as you
said), the wheel can turn left and right.  Glad you're OK

Let us know what happened.


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> Well not exactly but close.  Driving home from work. Almost home and the
> driver's front tire locks up and is making the sweet noise of rubbing
> against the wheel well. Get out and look - the wheel is shifted rearward
> in the wheel well.
> Procedure: 1)kick car and curse 2)walk home in 16degrees F
> Diagnosis: I am thinking the stabilizer bar fell.  The wheel still turned
> left and right and the axel didnt pull out because I could still drive it.
> Only warning signs were yesterday.  The car would make a single loud
> clunking noise when turning sharp left.  Too cold to check it out.
> Ever heard of this happening?
> Bryan
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