wheel fell off

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at ntplx.net
Thu Jan 8 20:59:34 EST 2004

Lower ball joint or whatever Audi calls it.  Inseparable part of the 
track control arm.  About $75.00 from Rod at TPC or $250. from NAPA.

Don't ask me how I know but I now have a dented wheel well to show for it.

At 7:52 PM -0500 1/8/04, Bryan Foster wrote:
>Well not exactly but close.  Driving home from work. Almost home and the
>driver's front tire locks up and is making the sweet noise of rubbing
>against the wheel well. Get out and look - the wheel is shifted rearward
>in the wheel well.
>Procedure: 1)kick car and curse 2)walk home in 16degrees F
>Diagnosis: I am thinking the stabilizer bar fell.  The wheel still turned
>left and right and the axel didnt pull out because I could still drive it.
>Only warning signs were yesterday.  The car would make a single loud
>clunking noise when turning sharp left.  Too cold to check it out.
>Ever heard of this happening?
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