Water temp

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1.  Start with known good 87 C degree thermostat
    (Don't use cooler version sold everywhere)
2.  Use known good "correct" value fan switch in radiator
    (The higher temp one) 
3.  Use known good MultiFunctionTempSensor
    (New ones can be bad right out of the box)
4.  Make sure series fan resistor pack is good.
5.  Allow engine to idle and the fan to cycle.
    Stock gauge will read 87 C degrees
    About 11:30 'o clock on the stock gauge
6.  Disconnect stock plug from MFTS and use after market one.
    (should read the same if of the same calibration)

Be sure to handle the other functions of the MFTS.
Be sure to only use 1 temp sensor as two in parallel will not give the
same results.


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Hey guys-
I've posted a couple times regarding water temps, but I still have
questions/concerns...Here's the deal:  Motor is a 3B with a VDO 250F
(120C) max water temp gauge, signal comes from MFTS (rated at 118C per
ETKA).  The engine seems to run too cold _assuming_ the gauge is giving
a correct reading.  It reads about 170F (77C) in most conditions.  This
summer it would get to about 180-185F (85C) in hot hot traffic.  I put a
factory "blocker" behind the grill, in front of the Aux Rad with little

What is the best way to test if the gauge and/or sender is giving an
accurate reading?


'84 urq 20V
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