what's that hissing sound?

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Fri Jan 9 22:25:54 EST 2004

Possibly one of your vacuum actuators in the climate control
system is leaking?

Do you still have directional control of your climate control
or does it all come out of the defroster vents?


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It was about 15 degrees this afternoon in NJ when I
left work.  Got into my car and the engine cranked
sloooowly.  Luckily it started within a few turns this

Steering was stiff and the car simply felt like it
didn't like the cold.  After I started driving I began
noticing a light hissing sound coming from the
dashboard area.  

About 2-3 minutes later, the heater started blowing
and I couldn't hear the hissing anymore.

I'm guessing that the hissing sound is related to the
climate control somehow and that I probably have a
leak, but where?

thanks in advance!


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