Coolant warning light...

David Priebe davidpriebe at
Sat Jan 10 00:35:30 EST 2004

As I was driving home tonight, the coolant warning light came on. It beeped
and flashed for about a minute and then went away. The water temp gauge was
where it normally is, at the first bold hash, around 11 o'clock. Oil temp
was also fine, as was everything else. I was driving in stop and go traffic
and a few minutes earlier the fan had come on to cool things down. But when
the warning went off, it was well back to normal. Also the fan had gone on
when the gauge was at about noon. All was pretty typical. Since the warning
light went out, and everything seemed fine, I continued on my way. Of course
it came back on again about 20 minutes later, and again went away in about a
minute. I haven't had a chance to really look over the car tonight. Tomorrow
I plan on pulling the codes. Any thoughts on other things that I should
Dave Priebe
Carnation, WA
91 200tqa 178k his
95.5 S6 113k hers
66 MGB 41k 

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