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Sat Jan 10 10:20:49 EST 2004

The best way to ck all this is with a IR gun.  IME the heads get about 10-15F 
warmer than the block, heads run right around 215-225F (101-108C).  Phil:  
Disconnect the radiator fan switch, if the radiator stil runs, it's probably a 
climate control input, bad relay or bad fuse block.  The afterrun water pump is 
supposed to come on for 5 seconds after the car has been shut off for more 
than one hour and restarted (pump seal lubrication).  Since it flows backwards 
it won't overcome water pump flow.  I suppose you could always disconnect it at 
the switch or the pump to ck, but I doubt that's it.

Brandon:   It sounds to me like you need to put the leads for the VDO on a 
better/it's own - sensor.  I don't believe the MFTS works for aftermarket 
guages.  If anything, try hooking it up to the engine temp sender.  Try the 049 919 
501(0-125C - black) single pin temp sender at the back of the head.  I think 
this will work better.  Short of that, I believe you should have another plug 
in the back of the head to put in the actual VDO temp sender for your guage.

*Second* rule of guage readings:  Don't assume them to be accurate without 
verification.  You're stuck on the first rule.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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