what's that hissing sound?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Jan 10 18:11:31 EST 2004

If your heat is working properly, maybe the sound is the fan in the
dashboard that sucks cabin air past a sensor to help control cabin

At 03:52 AM 1/10/2004 -0800, CL Wong wrote:
>It doesn't all come out of the defroster vents.  Heat
>has been working really well since I replaced the
>heater valve a month or 2 ago.
>--- TM <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:
>> Possibly one of your vacuum actuators in the climate
>> control
>> system is leaking?
>> Do you still have directional control of your
>> climate control
>> or does it all come out of the defroster vents?

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