Coolant warning light...

David Priebe davidpriebe at
Sat Jan 10 20:25:57 EST 2004

Turns out my coolant was just a little bit low. I filled it back up a drove
around a bit today, with no return of the warning. It still seems a bit
strange that the warning would go away after a minute. I did a bit of
reading on Scott Mockry's site, and it sounds like I'm about due for the
MFTS to fail anyways. As far as I know it is still the original one. But my
boost levels are just fine, still hitting 1.8 on the guage.

Dave Priebe
Carnation, WA
91 200tqa 178k his
95.5 S6 113k hers
66 MGB 41k 

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At 6:11 AM -0500 1/10/04, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>Your coolant fluid level may be down just a cup or two.  The sensors 
>seem to be pretty sensitive.

or...a defective MFTS. How's the turbo boost?

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