Trip to Thunderhill

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Mon Jan 12 20:34:03 EST 2004

It looks like the car survived the weekend. Will need to take a glance 
at the front brake pads to see what is left. I did the front brakes 
(with new UFO's) ,the bomb ,bled the brakes and replaced the sway bar 
bushings last week. It was interesting learning to use the brakes with 
the fresh bomb, I think the bomb was bad when I bought the car last 
year, so this was the first time I really had good brakes. I was careful 
to use the cool down lap to cool off the UFO's so they would not warp. I 
found it was nice to pull out of T Hill and drive down the road a couple 
miles to bring the engine temps down, since when these road missiles sit 
still there is no air flow through the radiator, other than the fan that 
comes on when they are hot. There was two other 200tq 20v there. A 
silver wagon with brakes, camber plates, bilsteins, 17" wheels and a RS2 
manifold and bigger turbo and one of the guys from 2Bennet  had a very 
fast sedan.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

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