ball joint sizes falling off falling out Control arms

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Tue Jan 13 15:41:17 EST 2004

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> Did the control arm separate from the bearing housing? Happened to me in 
> the middle of nowhere Northern Canada. Previous owner had bodywork done 
> and the body shop put in the wrong control arm (maybe from a 5000 or 
> regular 200) with slightly narrower ball joint shaft. Pinch bolt 
> appeared to snug up correctly but doesn't really hold the narrower 
> shaft. I think the correct control arm has a small groove at the top of 
> the ball joint shaft to indicate the larger size.
> Another failure mode is to install a fully threaded pinch bolt in the 
> bearing housing instead of a shouldered bolt. Less material in threads 
> than shoulder. Ball joint shaft moves a little, eventually wears down 
> pinch bolt threads and then passes the now de-threaded section of the 
> pinch bolt on its way out...
> Bryan Foster wrote:
> >Well not exactly but close.  Driving home from work. Almost home and the
> >driver's front tire locks up and is making the sweet noise of rubbing
> >against the wheel well. Get out and look - the wheel is shifted rearward
> >in the wheel well.
> >
> >Procedure: 1)kick car and curse 2)walk home in 16degrees F
> >
> >Diagnosis: I am thinking the stabilizer bar fell.  The wheel still turned
> >left and right and the axel didnt pull out because I could still drive it.
> >Only warning signs were yesterday.  The car would make a single loud
> >clunking noise when turning sharp left.  

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