Separated Tire noise that isn't on a 200q20v.

Tom Werner noonan67 at
Tue Jan 13 23:57:08 EST 2004

I've got a slight vibration / noticeable noise coming from the front of my 
200q 20v that sounds like a tire with a separated belt. Got 4 new tires in 
hopes of clearing this up, but no luck.

Sound kicks in at 5 mph, is speed dependent regardless of acceleration, 
cruising or braking.  No CV grease slung under car.  Sounds like it is 
coming from the front driver side, but I realize that it doesn't necessarly 
mean that's where the problem lays.  UFO's could probably use a turning (if 
anyone has info on where to get that done, let me know), but they don't 
cause significant shimmy while stopping -- nothing that a few stops from 80 
won't cure.

Any ideas what to check?


-- Tom

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