Separated Tire noise that isn't on a 200q20v.

Wed Jan 14 02:41:54 EST 2004

Could it possibly be a wheel bearing?  Does the sound increase/decrease/disappear when you place/relieve pressure from that side when turning?  If the sound disappears when you relieve pressure from the driver's side (turning left I think) that's an almost sure sign of bearing failure 

I had a real nasty sound coming from my BMW that I thought was brakes, rotors, tires...ended up replacing all and was ultimately a wheel bearing...sound kicked in around 5 and increased as speed did until it almost harmonically canceled out at freeway speeds.  Front driver's side is a common failure for bearings with the always-present driver weighing down that one side all the time.  

At least with my BMW (RWD), the old wive's tale of a test for front bearings was to jack up the car and shimmy the tire to see if there's any movement in the cage of the bearing.  Not too sure about the Quattro with the drive line connected to each wheel and haven't had to deal with it.  

Good luck.

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  I've got a slight vibration / noticeable noise coming from the front of my 
  200q 20v that sounds like a tire with a separated belt. Got 4 new tires in 
  hopes of clearing this up, but no luck.

  Sound kicks in at 5 mph, is speed dependent regardless of acceleration, 
  cruising or braking.  No CV grease slung under car.  Sounds like it is 
  coming from the front driver side, but I realize that it doesn't necessarly 
  mean that's where the problem lays.  UFO's could probably use a turning (if 
  anyone has info on where to get that done, let me know), but they don't 
  cause significant shimmy while stopping -- nothing that a few stops from 80 
  won't cure.

  Any ideas what to check?


  -- Tom

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