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I used 195/xx-14 Hakka 1s on my 4kq, and they remain the best source of snow traction I've ever experienced.  And though they're a bit mushy for on-ramp blasts in the dry, they were quite stable at speed.  In fact, the guy who took over my car 3 years ago never removed them and used them year-round (!) in Philly ever since.  Just saw the car last week and they looked very little worse for the wear...

I've used Dunlop Graspics (215/60-15) on the V8 and they were also excellent -- After 3 seasons they were still doing a great job when I removed them in favor of 16" wheels (and installed the Winter Sport M3s -- too much wet and not enough snow in DE to warrant my preferred Hakka 2s).

The V8 is obviously a different car than the 4kq, and I'd put the A4 somewhere in the middle, weight-wise.  If it were me, I'd buy Hakka 2s, which I believe are available in 205 and 215 widths.  It'd make play time in the snow with the V8 even better.


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> Dave-
> Which Nokians have you used?
> I'm running NRW-H and I like them a lot, although they are
> too wide in deep snow as the smallest size they have in 17"
> is 225/45.
> I'll second the recommendation of Dunlop Wintersport M2s, with
> the caveat that they need to be replaced every 3 seasons at a
> minimum- they're about as good as all-seasons now on the A4 during
> its 4th season.
> Taka

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