Cold has reared it's ugly head

teamdaemon at teamdaemon at
Wed Jan 14 11:07:36 EST 2004

> I'm happy to help, but not sure what we can do other than fill it 
> with coolant, move it to one of the ramps so it is inclined, and 
> purge any air via the method in the Bentley(which I believe consists 
> of "idle it with the cap off until the second stage fan comes on, 
> topping off as necessary").  Let's see what other listers come up 
> with.
> As for the coolant on the passenger side- sounds like either a 
> massive headgasket failure(lets hope not), or the turbo's coolant 
> lines.  Bring at least coolant and a flashlight or two...
> No "you have no more coolant" warning?

Well, I have a flashlight in the car, a few bottles of Pentosin coolant at
home, but non in the car.  I could pick up some distilled H2O from CVS to "top
off", then add the Pentosin when I get home.

I did get the "no more coolant" warning, but I have been getting that the last
few days, and wrote it off as a bad MTFS sensor, as I was also not getting
full boost (1.4-1.5bar) and the temp sensor was flakey at best (no reading, 
to very high reading, etc.).


Calling the shope again, they were supposed to call to see if they could take
 it today, otherwise need to get the car home.

paul at clarity dot net

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