Cold has reared it's ugly head

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Jan 14 21:10:15 EST 2004

Not that it matters if you have to have one tomorrow, but I got a heater valve 
from my buddy Rick at Import Part Specialists (local to me, 800.897.7278, for $34.99 about a year ago. Rod @TPC probably has 
them as well for well under $100. Finally put it in a little over a month ago 
with my t-belt stuff...just in time? :) I ended up installing it by laying on 
top of the motor and hugging the throttle body area, one hand on either side, 
 since I had just put everything around the timing belt back together and 
didn't want to take anything else apart.

Henry Harper hah at
1991 200 quattro, 120k, if only the metal-geared distributor sitting in the 
back seat would install itself...
1988 GTI 16v, 239k, needs more lube on throttle cable again

On Wednesday, January 14, 2004 6:55 PM, Mike Miller 
[SMTP:mikemilr at] wrote:
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> From: "Paul Luevano" <paul at>
> > Well, found the problem.  At the back of the engine on the passenger side.
> > There is that little 6" hose everyone was talking about.  The hose is
> fine, but
> > the valve it is connected to completely disintegrated.
> >
> > <sigh>
> >
> > I still think I'm going to take it to a shop.  :(
> Heater Control valve - about $100 at the dealer as I recall  - I changed one
> out a few months ago - 10 - 15 minute job.
> mike

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