How Much Oil Do you Use?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed Jan 14 21:36:37 EST 2004

I'm curious what others are seeing for oil consumption, and also what kind 
of mileage your looking at on said car.  As it is, I think I need to put in 
about a quart every 1500 miles.  ODO's at 196k.  The car doesn't leak (and 
yes Bernie, I've cleaned the engine, and regularly monitor for fresh leaks:) 
but I do get some smoke on startup in the AM's.  All signs see to point 
towards valve stem seals.

Of course VW/Audi say a quart every 1500 miles is acceptable, but then I 
think they might also use that number to get out of warranty work.

So curious what others are seeing.  I'm looking at a timing belt pretty 
soon, and I'm also debating on taking the head off at the same time and 
replacing valve guides and seals concurrently.  Definetly a cost benefit 
issue.  It'd take a lot of oil to balance this debit.

Derek P

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