Running 'Warm'!

Chrisellenhem at Chrisellenhem at
Thu Jan 15 18:10:30 EST 2004

Hello All,

Have an odd one for all the experts out there:

For the past 2 days, my 200q-20v has been running at abnormally high 
indicated temps - right about in the middle on the gauge @ steady-state cruising 
speeds. This causes the cooling fan to run @ what I believe is the full/highest 
speed (never hear it run there prior!).  Typical operating point on my car is 
below the 1st large hash-mark (@ ~1/3) even in the summer heat - slightly higher 
when allowed to sit & idle.  All this despite local temp range these past 2 
days here in CT being 0-15F!  The particulary odd thing is that the operating 
temp drops off when allowed to sit @ idle for a period; the temp will rise 
enough to trip the low speed of the fan, but after running for a min or two, 
switches off.

Hardware history:

95k mi
Water pump & 80C thermostat installed 3 yrs ago @ 65k mi.
Recent flush & fill w/ distilled water & proper Pentosin.
No apparent leaks; coolant level fine & constant

I'm suspicious of the thermostat - about the only component I can think of 
that might be suddenly restricting flow(?).  Anybody have any experience in a 
partially opened t-stat?  Any other BTDTs?  As always - thanks in advance.

Chris Hemberger
Amston, CT

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