Running 'Warm'!

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Thu Jan 15 18:31:19 EST 2004

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> Hello All,
> Have an odd one for all the experts out there:
> For the past 2 days, my 200q-20v has been running at abnormally high
> indicated temps - right about in the middle on the gauge @ steady-state
> speeds.

Is the oil temp also running higher than normal? If normal oil temp then
maybe it is a false high water temp reading, although I have personally
never seen false highs - just false lows. I usually go by the oil temp as it
seems to be a more stable reading than the water temp.

How's your antifreeze protection? If it warms up at idle when no air is
blowing across the radiator, perhaps you are " slushing up" when driving.

good luck,
mike miller
helmville mt

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