How Much Oil Do you Use?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Jan 15 18:53:17 EST 2004

Too many responses to go one by one, so I'll try this.  And thanks all for 
the info.

Well, one things clear, my car is using more than the average amount of 
oil/mile.  So now I've got to wonder why.  I can't imagine I'm the only 
person on this list who's explored the nether regions of the tachometer.  
Oil changes w/dino juice every 5k or so.  Not aware of overheat issues.  Use 
Mahn/VW filters.  Replace the air filter regularly with not Fram.

I spoke with a local shop about stem seals, the reason I thought about 
guides and seals is they had recently done the job on another 20v, and found 
the car was still consuming oil after replacing just stem seals.  This 
situation was cured by guide replacement.  I picture a really fun part about 
the head removal being the exhaust studs.

The cost for the work would buy a lot of oil.  Assuming consumption stays 
constant, and based on a conservative $500 cost from the machine shop, at 2$ 
a quart, it would take oh, about 375k miles to break even.  Any other beny's 
from head work?  Maybe I'll get a leak down test to pinpoint culprits.

Well, life goes on, and the oil keeps flowing (insert politcal comment 
here), so I'll keep drivin.

Derek P
> > From: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at>
> >
> > I'm curious what others are seeing for oil consumption, and also what 
> > of mileage your looking at on said car.  As it is, I think I need to put 
> > about a quart every 1500 miles.  ODO's at 196k.  The car doesn't leak 
> > yes Bernie, I've cleaned the engine, and regularly monitor for fresh 
> > but I do get some smoke on startup in the AM's.  All signs see to point
> > towards valve stem seals.
>1 to 1.5 Qt/10K @ 175K mi, both the 7A and the 3B.
> >
> > Of course VW/Audi say a quart every 1500 miles is acceptable, but then I
> > think they might also use that number to get out of warranty work.
>Oil is cheap!  But at that high useage, no need to ever change it.  Just 
>any 20/50 API SG or better oil, avoiding the syn rips.
> >
> > So curious what others are seeing.  I'm looking at a timing belt pretty
> > soon, and I'm also debating on taking the head off at the same time and
> > replacing valve guides and seals concurrently.  Definetly a cost benefit
> > issue.  It'd take a lot of oil to balance this debit.
>Right on, Derek!  No need to remove the head to replace the valve stem
>seals, and the valve guide clearance can be checked when in there replacing
>the seals.  Oil is cheap, DFI if IAB!

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