Running 'Warm'!

Tom Mullane tmullane at
Thu Jan 15 19:19:26 EST 2004

This seems counter-intuitive to me.  If the the thermostat does not open, I
agree that it would certainly send the temp guage skyward, but how would
that account for the fan coming on at the high speed?  If the t-stat doesn't
open, coolant does not circulate through the radiator, so what tells the
radiator fan to come on full bore?  Isn't the switch in the (cold) rad
itself?  Or is it located somewhere else?
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Could very well be a failing to open thermostat, BTDT at 175K. Mine didn't
owe me much more, but yours is infant morality!
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> Subject: Running 'Warm'!
> Hello All,
> Have an odd one for all the experts out there:
> For the past 2 days, my 200q-20v has been running at abnormally high
> indicated temps - right about in the middle on the gauge @ steady-state
> cruising 
> speeds. This causes the cooling fan to run @ what I believe is the
> full/highest 
> speed (never hear it run there prior!).

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