Running 'Warm'!

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Jan 15 21:24:42 EST 2004

At 6:10 PM -0500 1/15/04, Chrisellenhem at wrote:
>Hello All,
>Have an odd one for all the experts out there:
>For the past 2 days, my 200q-20v has been running at abnormally high
>indicated temps - right about in the middle on the gauge @ 
>steady-state cruising
>speeds. This causes the cooling fan to run @ what I believe is the 
>speed (never hear it run there prior!).  Typical operating point on my car is
>below the 1st large hash-mark (@ ~1/3) even in the summer heat - 
>slightly higher
>when allowed to sit & idle.  All this despite local temp range these past 2
>days here in CT being 0-15F!  The particulary odd thing is that the operating
>temp drops off when allowed to sit @ idle for a period; the temp will rise
>enough to trip the low speed of the fan, but after running for a min or two,
>switches off.

You didn't happen to lose the plastic cover that spans the space 
between the top of the radiator and the grill (transom)? If that 
cover is missing, I'd imagine that the airflow (while driving) will 
not be forced through the radiator, so engine would tend to run 
hotter than normal. When idling, the cover probably has little effect 
so engine temps would tend to be more normal. Just a WAG.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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