Running 'Warm'!

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Fri Jan 16 08:43:12 EST 2004

A few things.  You seem to be focussing in coolant flow, which according to 
your symptoms, IMHO, seems OK.  You've got some temp movement and heat in 
the car?  Tstat seems to open OK and it cycles normally when sitting/idling. 
  Though some would argue yout tstat temp is too low, not me. The other flow 
is air.  Your car is exhibiting the same symptoms mine does when the front 
end ices over and air flow is cut down/off.  One of my 200 is running only 
the main radiator and still barely maintains the ist temp bar on the gauge 
at hgwy speeds.  My other 200 has cardboard covering the main rad and still 
can't keep the temps that hi on hgwy, but clog the outside grill with snow 
and ice and voila. I'd check for air flow constrictions.  You can always 
swap out the tstat, but not a quick job, especially at these temps!  Curious 
as to your MPG, usually, and during this cold snap

From: Chrisellenhem at
Hello All,

Have an odd one for all the experts out there:

For the past 2 days, my 200q-20v has been running at abnormally high
indicated temps - right about in the middle on the gauge @ steady-state 
speeds. This causes the cooling fan to run @ what I believe is the 
speed (never hear it run there prior!).  Typical operating point on my car 
below the 1st large hash-mark (@ ~1/3) even in the summer heat - slightly 
when allowed to sit & idle.  All this despite local temp range these past 2
days here in CT being 0-15F!  The particulary odd thing is that the 
temp drops off when allowed to sit @ idle for a period; the temp will rise
enough to trip the low speed of the fan, but after running for a min or two,
switches off.

Hardware history:

95k mi
Water pump & 80C thermostat installed 3 yrs ago @ 65k mi.

I'm suspicious of the thermostat - about the only component I can think of
that might be suddenly restricting flow(?).


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