How Much Oil Do you Use?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Fri Jan 16 13:06:02 EST 2004

May be a bit exagerated,  I don't see any oil burning residue on the rear 
bumper of the car.

I don't feel like reworking the equation, but roughly 250k miles to come out 
even from this "burn rate" if I add 02 sensor costs every 50k miles.

Hmm, now we're at total mileage on the car of 450k...maybe a little beyond 
the life expectancy?  Still doesn't balance out.

But still didn't answer the question, why is this happening.  What are 
potential culprits?  How can I be sure it's the head, and not turbo seals, 
or a problem with the crankcase vent system?  I figure leak down will tell 
me block vs. head, but how could I tell about the turbo seals or if the 
cranckcase vent system is my culprit?

Derek P
>On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Derek Pulvino wrote:
> > The cost for the work would buy a lot of oil.  Assuming consumption 
> > constant, and based on a conservative $500 cost from the machine shop, 
>at 2$
> > a quart, it would take oh, about 375k miles to break even.  Any other 
> > from head work?  Maybe I'll get a leak down test to pinpoint culprits.
>Don't forget O2 (oxygen) sensor cost - AFAIK it does not like burned oil,
>so you may need to replace it much more frequently.

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