auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Fri Jan 16 13:55:30 EST 2004


Is anyone on the list running more than 22psi boost on their 3B cars, at any rpm or for any length of time?  With what hardware?

I understand this would require a pressure transducer greater than 2.5bar, such as a 3.0bar one.  Is this possible on the stock motor and K24?

The AAN overboost function is basically another higher boost map that has a time function so that it is only sustained for short bursts, right?  Is this because of the excess heat generated during those periods due to the turbo being less efficient at that pressure?

If a 3B ecu was remapped to run the same high boost levels, there isn't a way to limit (besides with the right foot) the amount of time that high boost is being achieved (which would be a bad thing)?

I'm not talking about necessarily running 22+psi up to redline, just maximizing torque at whatever rpms the turbo can keep up with, and tapering off boost as required to preserve the turbo.



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