How Much Oil Do you Use?

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Worth taking into consideration, but have you looked under the hood to see 
just what exactly your advice entails?

Oh, and going back to my numbers, the increased cost of 02 sensors would be 
neglibable, given that the 02 sensor is a standard maintenance item anyways. 
  I assume i'd have to shorten the maintanance interval by 20%.  Given that, 
we're looking at 333k miles to recoup the cost, not the 275k where the 
entire cost of 02 sensor replacement was included.  I could still go with 
the VW/Audi acceptable consumption number and be safe.

In as much as knocking is an end result of the littany of charges Brett 
raises, I'm going to have to say that too is a nice theory not bearing out 
in reality.  I regularly run 87-octane and it is extremely rare that I hear 
any pinging.  The only pinging I've heard is in the summer, when we've had 
90-degree days, and I'm in traffic with the AC going.  At that point, I run 

Same with emissions, I've not had any problems passing the state emission 
standards in the cars current running condition.  Passes with flying colors 
even.  Reference also "no residual on rear bumper" and "only time I see 
smoke is on AM startup."  On the last, I should add it's an occasionaly 

And the cars is running standard ECU setup.

So we're long on justifiction, but short on cause, any takers here?

Derek P

>One more I've heard of...excessive oil in the intake air (i.e. by leaking 
>the turbo seals) can reduce the effective octane of your fuel...perhaps 
>less of
>an issue with the Motronic and its (hopefully) fail-safe limp-home mode, 
>years ago, one turbobrick (old style Volvo) owner reported losing an engine
>this way.
>I'm with Brett here--not good to ignore esp if you're chipped.
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> > >>  The cost for the work would buy a lot of oil.  Assuming
> > consumption
> > >> stays  constant, and based on a conservative $500 cost from the
> > >> machine shop, at 2$  a quart, it would take oh, about 375k
> > miles to
> > >> break even.  Any other beny's  from head work?  Maybe I'll
> > get a leak
> > >> down test to pinpoint culprits.
> > >
> > >Don't forget O2 (oxygen) sensor cost - AFAIK it does not like burned
> > >oil, so you may need to replace it much more frequently.
> >
> > Don't forget deposit buildup on the exhaust valves, reduced effective
> > diameter of the exhaust, catalytic converter damage, and
> > carbonization in the combustion chamber(which leads to hot spots and
> > raised compression, which leads to higher octane requirements or
> > greater knocking danger).  Not to mention pollution.
> >
> > I'd say that the "ignore burning oil" advice is rather poor.
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