Running 'Warm'!

Chrisellenhem at Chrisellenhem at
Fri Jan 16 22:25:22 EST 2004

Thanks to all for the many responses/theories on my unusually high operating 
temps of late.  Here's a bit more odd data from today's commute.  Drove the Q 
this AM (-6F!) and experienced the same high operating temp after several 
miles.  BUT.... on the ride home - with temps in the mid-teens for the first time 
since this condition began - what do ya' know...  normal operating temp(s) as 
before the cold snap!  Any new theories what component(s)/condition could be 
causing this abnormality?  No intervention on my part - only change is ambient 
temp - and only by ~+10-15F.

As before, coolant level is correct as is its antifreeze concentration.  Oil 
pressure/temp normal at all times.  No obvious leaks/issues.  Car in garage @ 
night prior to AM commute; out 'in the elements' all day while at work.

Audi gremlins indeed!

Chris Hemberger
Amston, CT

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