How Much Oil Do you Use?

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> May be a bit exagerated,  I don't see any oil burning residue on the rear
> bumper of the car.
> I don't feel like reworking the equation, but roughly 250k miles to come out
> even from this "burn rate" if I add 02 sensor costs every 50k miles.
> Hmm, now we're at total mileage on the car of 450k...maybe a little beyond
> the life expectancy?  Still doesn't balance out.
> But still didn't answer the question, why is this happening.  What are
> potential culprits?  How can I be sure it's the head, and not turbo seals,
> or a problem with the crankcase vent system?  I figure leak down will tell
> me block vs. head, but how could I tell about the turbo seals or if the
> cranckcase vent system is my culprit?
There are no common, contact type, elestrometeric rotary shaft seals, just
labyrinth seals across which there is positive gas pressure to the return
oil passages.  Bearing wear causes seal clearance wear with resultant oil
blow by.  If the turbo to IC and the IC to IM hoses are heavily oil wetted
you have either a piston blowby problem coming thru the crankcase breather
system to the turbo fresh air input (the compressor wheel should be oil
coated), or the turbo bearings are shot, (the compressor wheel not oil

Do a compression check, first dry and second with oil injected into the
cylinder to better seal any ring leakage.  If no dif, you have a valve
problem.  Incresesd comp points to a ring problem.

Tis good to isolate the source of your problem, such that it is easier
monitored, but DFI if IAB!


> Derek P
>> On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>>> The cost for the work would buy a lot of oil.  Assuming consumption
>> stays
>>> constant, and based on a conservative $500 cost from the machine shop,
>> at 2$
>>> a quart, it would take oh, about 375k miles to break even.  Any other
>> beny's
>>> from head work?  Maybe I'll get a leak down test to pinpoint culprits.
>> Don't forget O2 (oxygen) sensor cost - AFAIK it does not like burned oil,
>> so you may need to replace it much more frequently.
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