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At 11:40 AM -0500 1/19/04, AUTOHAUS OF SOUTH FLORIDA wrote:
>How many 91 200 20v Avants were made ? How many imported to U.S. ? 
>How do you use the VIN to determine where your car falls in the 
>range ? My VIN: WAUHE5440MN005378

Your car is the 5,378th in the sequence of _all_ Audis with the 
type-44 chassis made in the 1991 model year (i.e., the VIN sequence 
number is not just for the 200q20V model). That sequence includes all 
versions such as the 100, 200 automatic/FWD, quattro, MC/3B engines, 
sedan, avant.

IIRC, the total for the ('91) model year is close to 30,000 cars, so 
your's is actually a fairly "early build". The actual month of 
production is stamped on the i.d. plate (below the door latch) on the 
driver's B-pillar.

I don't recall the exact number of 200q20V avants imported in '91 MY, 
but it's roughly 300, I think. There were approx. 900  20V sedans 
imported in '91 MY. The total (worldwide) number of 1991 20V cars 
made is a matter of some speculation, but I seem to recall coming to 
the conclusion (from ETKA data) that it was about 4-5000 vehicles 
(sedan+avant).  Don't forget that the type-44 vehicles with our 20V 
(3B) engine also had a prior year of production (1990) for sale in 

The total type-44 production figures are listed in a table in ETKA. 
I'd look it up to get more precise figures, but I'm in the midst of 
doing a computer upgrade and ETKA is temporarily unavailable to me.

If my numbers are off, I'm sure some one with better data will jump in...


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