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> At 11:40 AM -0500 1/19/04, AUTOHAUS OF SOUTH FLORIDA wrote:
> >How many 91 200 20v Avants were made ? How many imported to U.S. ?
> >How do you use the VIN to determine where your car falls in the
> >range ? My VIN: WAUHE5440MN005378
> Your car is the 5,378th in the sequence of _all_ Audis with the
> type-44 chassis made in the 1991 model year (i.e., the VIN sequence
> number is not just for the 200q20V model). That sequence includes all
> versions such as the 100, 200 automatic/FWD, quattro, MC/3B engines,
> sedan, avant.

The 200q I totalled last year had VIN ending in 04236 and a production date
stamped on the door jam of 7/90 so it sounds like yours is pretty close to
that. It did not have the factory phone. My new (to me) 200q does not have a
manuf. date stamped on it that I can find. It's in the 18000 range. It has
the factory phone. So much for the theory they ran out of phones and all
subsequent cars didn't have it.


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