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It also says NOT to use it out of the can.  The unused portion should stay sealed up all the time.
I took a small container on a piece of wire and "dipped out" the amount I needed and poured into a working can.
I kept the rim of the original can clean and was able to reseal the lid without the plastic. Still comes off easily.
A lot of "rules" with POR15 but it is worth it.

Dave K.
> Rich,
> when used as per the directions, it has worked very well for me.  As others 
> have said, follow directions, use gloves.  Paint any exposed sections,. 
> place plastic wrap or equivalent on cover when done or you will never remove 
> it! They offer several "starter kits. For about $20 you get the 3 step kit, 
> including enough to cover a few square feet.
> They offer a few "colors" and indeed they have different make ups.  I 
> believe the silver actually has a metal content, the black not so etc.  You 
> can see it all on their website.  www.por15.com
> Mike
> Message: 8
> Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 06:39:35 +0100
> From: "Richard Tanimura" <richard at tanimuras.com>
> Subject: POR15 - BTDT
> I have asked about POR15 on this side of the Atlantic and get very little
> BTDT. What's the verdict? Is it all they say it is on their website?
> Rich
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