best replacement radiator?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Tue Jan 20 19:59:06 EST 2004

I repaired my broken radiator neck with a piece of copper pipe epoxied into
the remaining opening.  It held up for several months while I collected
stuff for the complete replacement of the cooling crankcase breather
systems I did last fall as part of  the timing belt renewal.  I used OEM
radiators from Scott Mockry.  I figured the first set of radiators lasted a
dozen years, so what's wrong with that?

At 05:40 PM 1/20/2004 -0500, feelstranger wrote:
>Hey all,
>Well, I pulled into the driveway today and was sitting for a few seconds and
>noticed steam - oh no!  Shut down and took a look. - the top radiator hose
>was off and all the coolant on the ground!  Hey at least she waited untill
>home!  Anway, what really happend was the top hose nipple/attachment broke
>in half and the hose went with it.
>So, anyone sucessfully repaired one?  Not sure I can do this as it is too
>cold for most epoxies I think (Vermont) at least for the next several days.
>Might be enough left to clamp to with some silicone as a temp fix...?
>Other than that,  I have heard about all aluminum replacement radiators -
>any good brands I should look for?
> Nat
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