best replacement radiator?

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Tue Jan 20 20:25:18 EST 2004

I put in a Nissens all metal radiator when they became available here--I wanted
all metal having had a plastic-tanked radiator fail suddenly on another car,
leaving my wife stranded.  Check the list archives--several people had quality
problems with these, and I would echo the same issues.  FWIW, I would not buy
that unit again, but once installed, the Nissens radiator is perfectly
functional, and probably less prone to catastrophic failure than an OEM unit.
The OEM radiator by AKG is reasonably solid--better than the earlier
plastic-tanked radiators on the 10v cars.  As noted, they are lasting 12+ yrs
for most--in fact, mine had NOT failed when I replaced it a year ago--I ordered
the Nissens as a pre-emptive part as I had to tear into a number of other
pieces and was concerned about breaking off one of the hose nipples--I got mine
out intact and subsequently sold it off as a spare to another 200q owner.  

The comment that these fail from thermal shock or overheating is a good
call--look for issues elsewhere in the system, such as a stuck thermostat or
failed fan resistor pack.

Linus Toy
Mercer Island, WA 
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> You can buy from Audi a replacement nipple for around $20.  
> Use a good epoxy 
> (JB Weld) to install it.  Had one go on my 5000 Avant at 190k 
> and lasted for 
> at least another 200k when I sold the car.  They break from 
> thermal shock or 
> overheating.  
> Good luck!
> Pete
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