New Cold Weather Issue

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Jan 22 01:08:17 EST 2004

>So, now that the heater control valve is fixed and everyhting is 
>happy there, a new issue has popped up.  Now, when the car is cold, 
>as in first thing in the morning or after the car has sat all day in 
>the parking garage, the starter is hard to engage.
>Turn the key - starter just spins, does not turn over engine. Stop. 
>Try again.  Same thing. Try again, engine turns over a few times, 
>then starter spins free. Finally, engine spins up and car starts.
>Once the car is warm, doesn't seem to be an issue, car starts right 
>up, no fuss, no muss.
>Thoughts? Is the bendix gear on the starter just freeezing up and 
>not engaging?  Fix?

Or rusted.  Remember- it's right smack below the heater valve that 
busted, so it's probably soaked to the core in coolant+water.

Fix?  Remove the starter and clean it up, or just take the risk that 
it'll always start eventually- with enough use, it should work itself 
out...and with enough heat from the engine and dry weather, it'll dry 

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