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Dave K. desmo888 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 22 23:54:25 EST 2004

I have apparently broken this rule but I don't think it was necessarily a
bad thing.  First I want to confess that I thought the rule did not apply to
an occasional ad by a regular lister, my bad.
Anyway my situation was that I had dismantled a rather rare car (1991 200TQ)
and I was selling the parts off inexpensively instead of throwing them out.
My goal in parting the car was not to make money but to get the 3B out of it
for a conversion.  I was left with many usable parts that I thought would be
usable for the other listers out there that are doing what we do to keep
these old cars on the road.
So I put a message out on the 200 list to let folks know that I had parts
available.  I immediately got 30 responses asking about parts.  I priced
everything very reasonably and in some cases down right cheap in effort to
support the Audi community.
This was after I had the ad on Audifans with very little response.  Many of
the 200 listers bought items they were not necessarily shopping for but
bought as the prices were low and the wanted to stock up on spares or needed
a quirky little part that a wrecking yard would not bother to pull.
All of the inquiries were off list and all of the people were happy I took
the time to get their specific needs satisfied.  I will also say that I did
not receive a single message that my post was inappropriate or a waste of
Now I apologize for breaking the rules and  I greatly appreciate all this
list (especially the 20v list) has done for me over the past 5 years.  I
certainly do will not do this again now that I know.  But, the guidelines
should be more specific as my interpretation of the Audifans website section
labeled "Can I post ads/solicit business on any Audifans list?" seems to
target businesses rather than individuals.  Or am I looking in the wrong

Regards to this great list,
David Kase
1990 Coupe Quattro

> While Brett does that, I always hear that the audifans marketplace
> doesn't get enough visibility so that's why people post on-list. Well,
> some things to consider:
>    * the marketplace is always #1 in terms of hits on the web site,
> accounting for nearly 30% of the pages viewed on audifans.com
>    * the marketplace has its own mailing list. every time you post, an
> email goes out. people that subscribe to this (brett, how many?) all see
> your ad. I know I watch 'em. Great way to avoid having to search the web
> site.
>    * Just since going live with the new marketplace in like November,
> we've served up 256 car ads, 370 parts ads, and 126 Wanted ads. When we
> retired the old code base, it had served *thousands* of ads.
> Thanks for making it work, folks.
> Mark
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