RS2 Turbo Group Buy - Cross Post

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at
Fri Jan 23 11:44:14 EST 2004


In case you're interested, the item below was posted on the S-Cars 
list.   So far, 11 folks have signed on, so it looks as if it's going 
forward.  More folks *may* drive the price down even further.

Greg J

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> Subject: [s-cars] RS2 Turbo Group Buy
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> Anyone still need an RS2 turbo?
> After getting my car serviced and modified at Dahlback Racing / 
> Northern European Automotive (NEA) in New Hampshire and mentioning to 
> the owner, Tim McLean, that I was having a hard time finding an RS2 
> Turbo, he made a few calls to his new partner Dahlback Racing and came 
> up with the best price I have found:
> RS2 Turbo (D series):    $1,250 + shipping from Concord NH.
> Minimum Order:    10
> If the order goes above 10 there is room for an additional discount.
> This is a special run by KKK, rumor has it that they will start 
> producing this turbo again, but not for Audi.
> (NEA's new company Dahlback Racing USA)
> I have no affiliation to these companies, just a satisfied customer.
> Please email me at jlabombard at
> Regards,
> Jeff 

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