audi 90

Dave C. conner at
Sat Jan 24 15:29:42 EST 2004

A cracked head may show the same symptoms as a bad head gasket ... oil in
coolant, coolant in the exhaust, etc.

Even if the head isn't cracked it probably will need a visit to the machine
shop to check for flatness, replace broken exhaust studs, might as well
replace valve guides while you're at it, check the exhaust manifold for
flatness...  you get the idea.  So, to be on the safe side you might ask
the cost of buying/installing a refurbished head, or buying a used head and
having it refurbished.

I recently asked a mechanic at a local repair shop about cost to replace a
couple of broken exhaust manifold studs on a car with same engine as yours
(87 5KS), hoping they might be able to do it without pulling the head.  He
said the head would have to be pulled and the cost would likely be at least
$1200.  I didn't press him for a firm estimate because if this level of
work is needed the only option I would consider is to do it myself.  

I also did not press for a firm estimate because I was somewhat skeptical
re: his competence ...  he insisted the exhaust manifold couldn't possibly
be warped and suggested the missing studs just fell out.  I think it's
likely the reason the studs are broken is because the manifold is warped.  
Dave C.

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