typical valve job cost for 20vt?

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Sun Jan 25 20:27:33 EST 2004

The R&R is the worst part.  The machine shop portion should not be bad at
all.  The guides are easy to replace but very expensive from Audi.  Check
with Rod at The Parts Connection for them.  I just bought the whole set of
20 for $70 (from a friend who owns an Audi shop).  I also replaced all the
lifters for $7 each.
So you would have the R&R of the guides and seals, 20 valve and seat grinds,
disassemble and reassemble head plus parts.
Without parts I would estimate around $300-$400.  That's if it does not need
to be shaved.  My 235k head does not and you can easily check this yourself.
I would do a gasket match yourself while it is off.  Maybe even a mild port
job.  It is time consuming but easy.
I have a couple picks on my site:
My head is going to the shop next week so I can give you more specifics in
the next few weeks.

Dave K.
1990 Coupe Quattro
rebuilding a 3B for installation in said Coupe

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Subject: typical valve job cost for 20vt?

> Hello,
> Could anyone tell me what a valve job typically costs for a 20vt head?
Just the machine
> shop portion of it if I were to bring the head in, not the R&R.  I think
it would include new
> valve guides and seals, maybe more?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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