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Mon Jan 26 11:44:12 EST 2004

One of the criticisms I hear online about the hybrid turbos is the need to fabricate the oil and/or lines (which?).  While some were deterred by having to do custom work, others mentioned that the modification precluded switching back to a 3K turbo (presumably without buying new lines or something.) 

That's not really a reason to stop me personally from choosing one, but I wonder how many more of them would sell to those with reservations about this modification if a bolt-in solution was developed.

I mean, if there is a known interface at the motor and a known interface at the turbo, and everyone who has to buy one has to fabricate something to make it fit, why not offer the required modified parts (lines? adapters?), so at least those who have more money than skills/guts/creativity/time don't have to worry about the fabrication?

Sorta like how someone can buy Bira brakes from vendors if they like, instead of joining the organization and such.

I think right now if I were to get another bigger turbo for a 20vt, I'd probably be looking at the Innovative K26-based, "RS2+" as it's been dubbed, which is getting alot of internet press lately.  That is, if I want a 3K mounting flange.  If I get or make a custom tube header instead, then I'd probably put a Garrett flange and full Garrett on it.

That said, I'm looking for an RS2 EM or better equivalent, at a non-premium price if possible.  This will help me decide what turbo to go with for the other car.  Any pointers would be appreciated.



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> While some desire the "Real McCoy", a hybrid turbo may appeal to others too.
> Javad, I think mentions one on his <A HREF=""></A> &<A HREF="">
> </A>h<A HREF="">ttp://</A>  sites.  I mention this from memory 
> since the vendors list is down at Other options abound.
> Please note the hybrids at 034efi, refer to 10V applications and "may" vary 
> in 3B and AAN applications.
> I have no "affiliation" with Javad other than posting on the 10V list and an 
> EM purchase, which incidentally, saved me $$$ on work done to my prior Avant 
> at NEA.
> I have purchased parts from all three vendors listed.
> As I understand it, matching the components would be critical to any turbo 
> upgrade.
> Generally, both the IM and EM would need to be changed to maximize the gains 
> from the turbo: which ever you choose.
> Other Audi lister sites may be able to hook you up too.  Here's the specs of 
> the turbos at <A HREF=""></A>
> Good luck in your GP and the pricing issue.
> -Scott by BOSTON 
> > Was I disagreeing or something?  "May" means it could be "yes" or it could 
> > be "no".  It's turns out it's "no".  I was giving more information, perhaps 
> > more current than yours, and apparently more correct since by the time I 
> > ordered we already had 14 people and there would be no extra discount.  It didn't 
> > seem like Jeff was subsidizing the discount, so a "no" from Tim seems likely 
> > to be pretty good information.
> > People may as well know they are not getting a bigger discount right in the 
> > thread, instead of expecting it only to find out later when they order that 
> > they're not.
> > It's even worse than you describe, Tim's statement is contrary to Tim's 
> > statement.  My email from Jeff says: "Concerning price, Tim mentioned that if we 
> > were over 10 people it would go down around $100 bucks."
> > 
> > When I spoke to Tim, he mentioned dealing with someone in Europe (Sweden I 
> > think), who was the one that clarified the lack of a further discount without 
> > a much larger order.  I don't remember who he was referring to, Hans or 
> > Gunther or something totally different but equally European-sounding.  Tim is 
> > paying for shipping from Sweden, and his customers are paying for shipping within 
> > the U.S.
> > So Jeff is a customer spreading to word so he can get an RS2 turbo for 
> > himself, and Tim is a U.S. dealer of Dahlback stuff, and there's probably a guy at 
> > Dahlback or somewhere else that is arranging to buy some turbo from KKK. 
> Who knows if there are more middlemen.
> > I also agree that $1250 is a (relatively) good price, or else I wouldn't be 
> > getting one.
> > Cheers,
> > Ken

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