RS2 turbo crosspost GP

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Mon Jan 26 14:56:01 EST 2004

Yes, that turbo is very interesting as well.  I understand even without the ball bearing option, there is some cool technology in the design of the impeller blades, something about extra surface area (with low mass?).  With the ball bearing option, as long as it is durable, that would be nice!

Is anyone running one of these on an Audi (20vt or 10vt) yet?

I've heard of failures with ball bearing turbos as well as Garrett/3K hybrids (in general), so I've been holding back on wanting one of those.  I haven't heard what killed them tho'.  If the GT series newer and different than those that failed, and not to mention it's not a hybrid, maybe that's old thinking.

Javad's upcoming 20vt header is very interesting, especially because his monster is (still) a street car.  So things might be more designed for road use than otherwise, which is important to me.

There seems to be all kinds of cool 20vt headers available in Europe.  Too bad I can't find an online translator for the languages that many of thpse 20vt nuts speak!

I doubt I'll get a second RS2 turbo with all the other options out there.  If I were to get one today, I'm leaning towards the Innovative K26 based one for 3K flange, or the GT series you describe for Garrett flange.

I noticed nobody is really using any flange adapters to put a Garrett on a 3K manifold.  I imagine that's because the downpipe would have to be custom as well, so if they were to do that, they'd go custom manifold as well and hence not need a flange adapter.


Jim Green jeg1976 at wrote:

Ken, the way I look at it is you can get a
ball-bearing Garrett GT series turbo for ~$1300 that
will kick the RS2's ass in every way imaginable.  I
don't think anyone's making a KKK casting for a GT
turbine, but if you have the option to go full
Garrett, do it for sure.  Javad's going 20vt, so he'll
be developing a header for it.  Might be worth waiting for.

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