Distributor rattling

Dave K. desmo888 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 26 21:16:07 EST 2004

This has been much discussed on the 20v list and it seems we agree that it
is not the gear itself.  It is a timing belt that is on the loose side and
causing vibration through the valve train.  The distributor just picks it up
and sends out the signal.
Having said that, a plastic gear is a time bomb.

Dave K.
1990 Coupe Quattro - 7A, soon to be 3B

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My distributor is making a loud rattling noise when idling and up to
about 2000 rpm. I understand it's the plastic gear going bad, but is
it possible to say how much longer it'll last? I understand it's hard
to say, but anyone BTDT?

E. Spangen
'90 Audi 200 quattro 20v
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