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Wed Jan 28 12:51:54 EST 2004

Because the Audifans site is linked to Google, it stores everything we write 
(also for web searches).
Until we separate from Google, its privacy bye bye IMHO.

My suggestion is to go to and key in your name and AT LEAST delete 
the phone number link.  Another reason to use web anonymous "nick 

Web moderators?
-Scott by BOSTON

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> Gentlemen,
> Do yourself a favor and google yourself.
> No really. Pull up google and type in your own name.
> Then think about what what might happen if someone else did this (a
> potential employer, a new girlfriend, your mom...)
> I ran across the following post by our buddy Paul while looking for pages
> that have my email address posted. Just a minor sample of what you might not
> want someone to find when googling you.
> BTW, the reason I'm searching for my (work) email address is that the
> spammers are starting to infect that account. My personal account is already
> a trash bucket, getting some 400 spams a day. I refuse to give it up, so now
> I get to wade through the trash at to find any gems. About
> half the people that get caught in this challenge/response system actually
> manage to self-authorize, the rest I have to do manually.
> <sigh>
> When are we going to fix this problem.
> Oh, and by the way, I now work for an email marketing firm
> ( so I'm particularly interested in getting the problem
> solved!
> Lee

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