1.4 bar low boost and recent owner impressions

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Jan 28 19:02:49 EST 2004

Correct, my car makes no particular noticeable "pshhht" noises when shifting. 
It pushes full (chipped) boost, no stalling, and I have yet to replace/maintain 
the (probably still original) BPV in my 6 years/40k miles...YMMV of course :)

Henry Harper
http://www.henry-harper.com  hah at alumni.rice.edu
1991 200 quattro, 120k, need to go get emissions check done before end of month 
(and install metal-geared distributor too)
1988 GTI 16v, 239k

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You know you want to.

On Wednesday, January 28, 2004 1:59 PM, auditude at cox.net 
[SMTP:auditude at cox.net] wrote:
> So these plastic Bosch valves are pretty silent when everything's up to par?

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