I am pleased =) [1.4 bar low boost FIXED]

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Thu Jan 29 00:50:19 EST 2004


Yes, 1.4 bar does not feel like full power in a 200q20v!  Holy crap, I can see why some 
people never end up modifying their cars.

When I got home, I inspected the BPV signal line.  It was hard as a rock, and in two pieces.  
No wonder I was able to pull on one end.  I guess I didn't notice the other end wasn't getting 
pulled in, or imagined/assumed it was.

The hose was in horrible condition.  I replaced it with some rubber fuel line from Autozone, 
which has a 24 hour store nearby.  In most places I was able to reuse the tiny hose clamps.  
Altho' I wouldn't call it exactly a perfect match to the original hose, the press-on fit on the 
BPV is actually pretty tight.  I'll probably get some of the correct hose, or better yet some 
silicone vacuum hose to match the Samco's, and swap it out in the future.

I also replaced the hoses going to the FPR.  What a joy that is, to deal with the little hose 
clamp without any room to work.  The hose going from the green plastic tube to the Tee that 
leads to the FPR was torn as well.  I thought it would have also fixed my non-functioning 
cruise control, but I did a brief check and I think it's still not working.

The couple times the stock gauge worked and I was able to see 1.7bar.  Is it supposed to hit 
1.8bar easily, or is that like a highway in 5th gear type of thing?

These cars are pretty quick!  I'm quite pleased right now.  I'm not sure the 4kstq needs the 
RS2 stuff on the 3B, being a smaller car.  But I'm sure I'll get used to it just like everyone 

The 1.8 bar does feel somewhat like my 5kcstq does with 14psi and a K26, except it kicks in 
much sooner.

I still have a BPV noise, but like before it is faint.  It's more faint than before, when it wasn't 
connected to a signal.  My theory with that is that the spring inside it was keeping it closed 
most of the time, but when I shifted the pressure spiked and it pushed the diaphragm out of 
the way against spring pressure, making the shoosh louder than if the signal hose was 
helping by pulling it open.

I would like to thank everyone for their input.  Everyone was really right on with their 
diagnoses.  Thank you!

Next I'll work on putting in the analog gauge and the rest of the stuff.  What are some car or 
truck models that have the most similar shapeed A-pillar for a gauge pod?



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