I am pleased =) [1.4 bar low boost FIXED]

Ken quattrophile at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 15:58:57 EST 2004

[I'm having email problems, so I'm hoping this goes

Hi Ned,

Sounds like a great plan.  What is the correct
diameter for this hose?

I found some "special" ones that aren't too expensive.


I'll resist putting those racing ground wires all over
the engine compartment.  Is that 100% gimmick or what?


"Ned Ritchie" <Q at IntendedAcceleration.com> wrote:
> Ken,
> The hose WILL burn through again.  
> So why not reroute it away from the heat.  Use a
longer hose and run it
> along the firewall then by the fuel filter and then
behind the air
> filter and finally over to the By-Pass valve.
> Ned
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> From:
200q20v-bounces+q=intendedacceleration.com at audifans.com
> When I got home, I inspected the BPV signal line. 
It was hard as a
> rock, and in two pieces.  
> No wonder I was able to pull on one end.  I guess I
didn't notice the
> other end wasn't getting 
> pulled in, or imagined/assumed it was.
> The hose was in horrible condition.  I replaced it
with some rubber fuel
> line from Autozone, 
> which has a 24 hour store nearby.  In most places I
was able to reuse
> the tiny hose clamps.  
> Altho' I wouldn't call it exactly a perfect match to
the original hose,
> the press-on fit on the 
> BPV is actually pretty tight.  I'll probably get
some of the correct
> hose, or better yet some 
> silicone vacuum hose to match the Samco's, and swap
it out in the
> future.<snip>

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