Master cyclinder Q

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Jan 29 21:01:28 EST 2004

At 8:24 PM -0500 1/29/04, feelstranger wrote:
>Hey all, I just picked up a master cylinder off Ebay for the avant and it is
>a Sachs part number is apparently 443 721 401 A (written on box in pen)  -
>the picture that was on the auction was of an ATE box with part number
>listed as 4A0721401 which is what my ETKA shows is correct.
>beyond the ethics of the auction -
>do I care if this is a Sachs and not the ATE?
>is that part number correct?

No- the MC must be the ATE unit; it's distinguished by an entirely 
cast aluminum-alloy construction, the ATE logo stamped on it, etc. 
My new replacement looked slightly different in terms of the location 
or style of stampings, but it was entirely identical in all other 

I do not buy used car parts off ebay.  I don't buy used car parts 
period, actually.  I don't buy anything off Ebay, either- it's the 
largest source of fraud complaints in the US, and now you know why.

   I would never buy brake system components except new; I don't even 
buy reman'd brake parts.  MC's are pretty much "consumables" and are 
also impossible to inspect/judge the condition of, even if you're 
holding one in your hand.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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