front passenger side door wanted/ questions about...

Joshua C smuckycat at
Fri Jan 30 10:49:57 EST 2004

I had a little run in with a snow covered piece of landscaping and put a 
decent dent in my front passenger side door on my avant, I have a few 

1) do sedan doors fit avants?  I imgine so but want to know prior to getting 

2)do other type 44 doors fit a 91 200?

3) does anyone in Southern New England (Mass prefered) have a door off a 
silver 91 200 that they are parting, I only need the door, not the guts, 
window etc...but if that is how you want to sell it I'd consider it.
I am looking for silver because I'd rather not paint anything...

Joshua Cummings
Woods Hole, MA
1991 200 Avant

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