Master cyclinder Q (LAC actually)

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Fri Jan 30 13:17:16 EST 2004

I read Nats post twice and didn't see any reference to his EBay parts being 
used.  Maybe the third time is the charm. I submit that unless you plunked 
down a cool $42 large for your 200 20V in about 1991, you have in fact, 
bought a lot of used car parts, over 3,000lbs worth actually! (make mine 
over 6,000lbs, 200 20V avant X 2 bought via EBay, Feel free to multiply by 
number of cars owned vs number of cars bought new)
Buying or selling off of EBay is of course your choice.  But it shouldn't be 
news to you that some of our beloved preferred parts suppliers do just that, 
and I'd guess more will in the future.  If EBaywere the biggest source of 
fraud complaints in the US, I sure think they'd get a lot more airtime than 
the Social Security, Used car, and investment schemes that seem to jam the 6 
o'clock news.
Either way I'm sure all of the OEM and new parts suppliers thank you for 
your loyalty and as Bernie might say, "fat wallet".  I'm personally thankful 
for all the alternatives and competition.

From: Brett Dikeman <brett at>
Subject: Re: Master cyclinder Q

No- the MC must be the ATE unit; it's distinguished by an entirely
cast aluminum-alloy construction, the ATE logo stamped on it, etc.
My new replacement looked slightly different in terms of the location
or style of stampings, but it was entirely identical in all other

I do not buy used car parts off ebay.  I don't buy used car parts
period, actually.  I don't buy anything off Ebay, either- it's the
largest source of fraud complaints in the US, and now you know why.

   I would never buy brake system components except new; I don't even
buy reman'd brake parts.  MC's are pretty much "consumables" and are
also impossible to inspect/judge the condition of, even if you're
holding one in your hand.


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